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Creating a Sale Atmosphere Matters

There's something about a sale atmosphere. 

You can feel it in the air.  It excites you. It actually makes you want to buy. 

There are many elements that contribute to making a sale atmosphere in your showrooom.  Point of purchase materials like posters and banners are only part of the formula.

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Convert Service Customers to Sales Customers with our Dry Erase Board

Your service department is the highest traffic area of your dealership.  Here’s an easy way make it work for you all day long.  Place one of our high quality dry erase boards in a very visible place and each day have your service manager review the upcoming appointments for the day and then write them on the board as highly sought after vehicles that the dealership is interested in purchasing.

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best commercial balloons

Most people think that all balloons are created equal.  It's simply not true.  Shake Up Your Showroom has tested nearly every type of balloon on the planet.  They're tested for inflation size, durability and vibrancy of color.   

We're proud to say we sell what we feel are the best balloons on the market.

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 Banners from Shake Up Your Showroom

Okay, so you're planning a sales event and now you need some point of purchase materials. 

Banners, posters and price tags create excitement and alert shoppers to your event. 

ShakeUpYourShowroom offers the most impactful graphics in the business

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Red and Pink Car Bows

For years, car dealerships have been decorating their vehicles with plush car bows during the Christmas season.  It's natural, but now bows have become a year around showroom staple. 

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