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Car Bows....they're not just for Christmas anymore

Red and Pink Car Bows

For years, car dealerships have been decorating their vehicles with plush car bows during the Christmas season.  It's natural, but now bows have become a year around showroom staple.  

Valentine's Day is perfect for red car bows.  St. Patrick's Day calls for green car bows.  Red, white and blue car bows for July 4th, and the list goes on.  Shake up your showroom all year around with a full set of car bows in every color.  

Car bows add a classy splash of color to your showroom.  Shoppers love them because buying a car is such a large and special purchase.  They are the perfect way to set your showroom apart from other dealerships. 

If you plan on ordering more than twenty sets of car bows please call 1-877-423-4433 for additional discounts.