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The Power of the Word, "SALE!"

The most powerful word in retail and auto advertising is "SALE".  Everyone wants to take advantage of an opportunity to save.  So it's fairly obvious that any advertising should contain a "call to action" and a sale message.

However, what is often overlooked is the atmosphere once prospective customers come to the "SALE".   It's equally important to support your advertising message with point of purchase materials that continue to carry your event message when shoppers arrive.  This adds authenticity to your sales event.  

Your small investment in support materials will pay dividends in incremental sales.  It will provide your salespeople with a reason that shoppers should buy now rather than putting off the purchase to a later date or possibly never.

The festive atmosphere created by sales event materials creates energy that translate into more sales.

Don't run half of a sale.  Greet your shoppers with banners, price tags, balloons and posters that support your event when they arrive.  Remember, it's what's inside that counts!